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We have an amazing offering of specialised construction supplies for sale.

We also offer expert services for all your construction needs. All of our products are of the highest quality and adhere

to the strictest industry safety standards.

View our full catalog in order to know all of our products, as well as our additional services.

Product Range: Product
Construction Management


Reinforcing Mesh

Square Mesh - SL52 to SL102 (6.0M x 2.4M)

Rectangular Mesh - RL718 to RL1218 (6.0M x 2.4M)

Ute Mesh - SL62UTE - SL82UTE (4.0M x 2.0M)

Trench Mesh - L8 to L12 / 200mm to 500mm (6.0M)

Handi Mesh - Galvanised & Black General Purpose

Reinforcing Bar

Deformed Bar - 12mm to 40mm (N Bar 500+)

Pool Steel - 12mm / 6M & 9M (S Bar 250+)

Round Bar - 10mm to 36mm (RBar 250+)


Footing Cages

Fabricated Reinforcing Cages -

Ideal for footings (Various Sizes)

Corner & Starter Bars

N12 & N16 Corner Bars - 600mm x 600mm

R10, N12 & N16 Starter Bars - 1000mm x 200mm

(All bars can be cut and bent to suit job)




Tie Wire

Belt Packs - 1.5kg Rolls (Black, Galvanised & 316 SS)

Loop Ties - 110mm to 200mm (2000 per bundle)

Builders Film & Tape

Black Plastic - 200um (50M x 4M)

Grey PVC Tape


Stickyback ABleflex - 75mm to 300mm x 25M

Plain Ableflex - 75mm to 300mm x 25M

Bar Guards

Star picket Caps

Bar Guard - 12mm to 20mm

Bar Guard - 24mm to 36mm

Bar Chairs

Slab on Ground - 25mm to 150mm

Deck Chairs - 20mm to 200mm

Wire Chairs - 35mm to 340mm

Concrete Chairs - Conbination 50mm, 60mm & 75mm

Construction worker lifting wood board


LVL Edge Board

100mm to 300mm x 36mm x 6M


150mm Rebate brick bracket house slab

Conform Formwork

Lightweight flexiable plastic formwork - 100mm to 200mm

Formwork Pins

20mm x 450mm predrilled steel boxing pins

Koala Nails

50mm, 65mm & 75mm long glavanised bullet head nails

3.15mm - 3.75mm Diameter

Dowels & Sleeves 

12mm - 33mm round & square dowel sleeves

ROund 12mm - 33mm friction cut dowels - 450mm & 600mm

*other sizes available on request

Key Joint

100mm to 200mm Keyjoint x 6M

Worker with Glasses


Reln Drains

Storm Drain 1M & 3M - Plastic, Stainless & Cast tops

Outlets, End caps & Stormwater pits

Reln concrete tape


PVC coated safety gloves - M, L & XL

Vision X Spec - Clear & Smoke

Danger Tape - 50M rolls

Barricade Mesh - 1M x 50M

Line Marking Paint

Dy-Mark - Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White & Orange

Smoothing Concrete


Decorative Spray-On

Available in a range of colours, designs & textures. Cement based system to transform you concrete.

Concrete Sealer 

General Purpose Sealer 20L - Ready to use general purpose acrylic concrete sealer

Concrete Sealer Primer 20L - Acrylic sealer for same day use

Extended Wear Sealer 20L - Highly durable acrylic sealer used for protection from oil & fuel. Has an excellent resistance to marking


600mm - 1200mm Covertape

Lambs Wool Roller

Roller Frames

Hydrocloric Acid

5L & 20L Hydrocloric Acid


Sika Film - Moisture evapoation retardant

Rugasol90 - Surface retarder for summer conditions

Formol - Chemical release agent for concrete formwork

Bondcrete - 5L & 20L versitile bonding & sealing agent

Curit - Clear PVA liquid curing compound

Pabkote - Bitumin emulsion for waterproofing



Primary product focus is on extruded fibre concrete spacers and distance tubes plus Zemdrain® CPF liners, Pecafil® and Stremaform®. The full range of the five FRANK product lines: spacers, formwork technologies, reinforcement technologies, sealing technologies and sound insulation are available for the local construction industry from our local warehouses located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

Reinforcing Steel


Measuring Tapes

Lufkin Easy Read - 8M & 10M

Lufkin Flurolok - 8 & 10M

Buckaroo Product Range

Steelfixing belts and belts

Knip Frogs and Tape Holders

Shoulder Harnesses

Tie Wire Accessories

Ideal Reels

Ratchet Twist Tool


Knipex - 200mm Knips

             - 280mm Knips

             - 280mm Wide Head Knips

             - 300mm Knips

             - 300mm Power Cut Knips

Trackstar Alliance (8).JPG


Designed and engineered with precision. Each PacJoint Barrier is laser cut with a +/- 2.0mm tolerance.

PacJoint Barrier is designed specifically for each project with CAD drawings submitted to clients for approval before manufacture to ensure the highest standard of quality throughout the supply chain.


PacJoint will create time in your project from its physical properties through to the way it is managed before it arrives to site. This expansion joint can be used for forming expansion joints in continuous pour applications for insitu concrete barriers, without the need to be fixed to the sub base with stakes or pins, rather than fixing to the insitu reinforcing bar on a horizontal plane. Never before has a continuous pour expansion joint been fixed in a horizontal plane, to the permanent structure without concern the joint may move once concrete pour has commenced. 

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